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Profession: Writer, TV producer/director Job position: CEO in D&D Communications Ltd. Martial status: Married Nationality: Yugoslavian Age: Born 1956 Place of birth: Senta, Yugoslavia


1998 - Created MR.ZAPPER (gags, 60 x 1 min); 1998 - Started to work as extern Trainer/Consultant for PRO MEDIA/IREX , Washington DC.; 1998 -Created factual serial CITY TRIBUNAL (co-production of local TV broadcasters from Slovakia, Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovenija, Bosna and Hercegovina, Macedonia, Hungary and Belorus); 1997 - Stepsteward and Member of Steering Committee at INPUT KOŠICE 97; 1996 - Writer and director of children’s TV film DRAGON HILL for Slovak TV, Košice; 1996- 1997 - Producer in Commercial Dept. of MAC TV; 1995-1998 -Head of Programme and Development Department in Steering Comity at Festival of Local TV Broadcasters Košice. 1995-1996 - Writer and director of comedy serial SECRET AGENT 0.05 (13x10 min) for Slovak TV, Košice. 1995-1998- Established own distribution and production company D&D Communications Ltd.; 1994- Created, directed and co-produced serial ALTER EGO STORIES (clips based on classical music) for MDA Studio and SAVID, Košice;. 1994- Director of three short documentaries for PILOT PRODUCTION London. Documentaries were broadcasted at Channel 9 (Australia), RAI2 (Italy), FR3 (France), MTV (Hungary), NHK (Japan), SWT (Sweden); 1993-1994 -Created, directed and co-produced MR.PEEK (gags, 110 x 30 sec) for MDA Studio, Košice. 13 sold licenses in Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Hungary and Yugoslavia. 1991-1992 - Story editor of serial COLORS (weekly edition) for NS PLUS, TV Novi Sad, Yugoslavia; 1991-1992- Director of serial OUR GRANDFATHERS WERE NOT SAINTS (13 x 30 min) for TV Novi Sad; 1991 -Writer of children’s puppet serial „PLOVOPLOV" (10 x 15 min); 1990-1991- Head of Children’s Programme Dept. in P3 TV Novi Sad; 1989-1990- Story editor in Creative Dept. in P3 TV Novi Sad; 1984-1989 -Story editor and director in Documentary Dept. of TV Novi Sad. Wrote and directed cca twenty 30 minutes documentaries and more than 100 3-15 min;. 1983-1992- Gag and mini comedies writer of several programmes for TV Novi Sad and TV Beograd (more than 200 pieces) 1982; Writer TV comedy AZ, BUKI, VJEDE for TV Novi Sad; 1977-1982-- Assistant story editor in Entertainment Programme Dept. in TV Novi Sad; 1978- Writer TV Comedy THE DADDY WEARING DIAPERS; 1977- Writer TV Comedy THE TAXI DRIVER.


1998- Novel THE FIG-STONE on Internet; 1997- Radio drama HOW TO LIVE FOR EVER in Slovakian, Slovak Radio, Košice; 1996-Radio drama MASTER OF CHIP, Radio Beograd, Yugoslavia; 1995-Radio drama THE BUTTERFLIES OF CHANG CHOU chosen as one of top twelve from Slovakian Radio Drama Production 1994. for Festival in Pieštani; 1994-Radio drama THE BUTTERFLIES OF CHANG CHOU in Slovakian, Slovak Radio, Bratislava; 1993- Short story THRESHOLD was published in Anthology of the best SF stories in Slovakia at Gustav Reus Competition; 1991-Published short story THE FIRST APPEARANCE OF REAL BLACK BOX in anthology THERE WON’T BE WAR published by Tor Books, NY. Only writer in anthology from non English speaking territory; 1990-1991- Published novel THE FIG-STONE (co-author Mrs. Nevena Simin) based on workshop on International Children’s Festival Šibenik 1986. „Dnevnik", daily newspaper, Novi Sad, Yugoslavia. 1991- Radio drama HOW WAR WAS NOT ELIMINATED, Radio Novi Sad.; 1991-Radio drama HOW TO LIVE FOR EVER, Radio Novi Sad; 1989- Radio drama THE BUTTERFLIES OF CHANG CHOU in Slovenian, Radio Ljubljana, Yugoslavia (Slovenia now); 1989- Published collection of short stories „NJOFOKLE" „Vuk Karadžić", Beograd, Yugoslavia; 1989- Radio drama for children DEJAN, DUCK’S LIVER, Radio Sarajevo, Yugoslavia (Bosna and Herzegovina now) 1889- SF radio drama DREAMCORDER Radio Zagreb, Yugoslavia (Croatia now); 1989- Children’s radio drama THE FIRST BROOM IN STREET OF BIRCH, Radio Novi Sad ; 1989-Radio drama 15 DEM PER A DAY, Radio Sarajevo; 1988-Children’s radio drama THE CRICKET IN BASEMENT, Radio Novi Sad; 1988-Children’s radio drama THE SILLY IN THE SPACE, Radio Novi Sad; 1988-Children’s radio drama IF SOME BEE... Radio Zagreb; 1988-SF radio drama THE VOYAGE IN MIDDLE OF GALAXY, Radio Zagreb; 1988-Radio drama THE HUNT FOR JOE, Radio Zagreb; 1987-Radio drama THE FILLED GUN, Radio Zagreb; 1987-Radio drama C´EST LA VIE, Radio Sarajevo; 1987-Radio drama HOW IS DOWN, IT IS UP, Radio Beograd; 1987-Published novel THE MYSTERIOUS SIGN (co-author Nevena Simin, based on workshop) „Dnevnik", Novi Sad; 1986-Published novel GREEN STARS (pseudonym D.T.Bird) „Dnevnik" Novi Sad; 1986-Children’s radio drama WAR OVER ALL WARS ON THE WORLD, Radio Novi Sad ; 1985- The first prize for SF radio comedy THE BANKRUPTCY IN THE CONSTELLATION OF LEO by Radio Beograd; 1985-Published novel THE SCARABS (pseudonym D.T.Bird) „Dnevnik", Novi Sad; 1985-Radio drama DAVE, EQ/185, Radio Zagreb; 1985-Children’s radio drama FAIRY TALE ABOUT REACHING THE SEA, Radio Novi Sad; 1985-Third prize for children’s radio drama PRINCE, MY LADY, Radio Zagreb; 1984-Published novel THE CRIME IN AMAZON (pseudonym D.T.Bird) „Dnevnik", Novi Sad; 1983-Published collection of short stories THAT IS ME, „Stražilovo" Novi Sad; 1983-Radio drama MAN SHOOTS FROM THE PILLOW, Radio Beograd; 1983-Radio drama SEVEN SINS, Radio Novi Sad; 1983-Children’s radio drama WHAT DOES A REAL BOA LOOK LIKE, Radio Beograd; 1983-Children’s radio drama THE DOLPHIN FAIRY TALE, Radio Sarajevo; 1980-Award for drama LITTLE SPARROW donated by Theater ITD, Youth Theater and SKUC Zagreb; 1978-Children’s radio drama THE LITTLE GREEN TALE, Radio Novi Sad; 1973-Published for the first short story INSPECTOR’S WATERMELONS in Radio Novi Sad. Since 1973, published more than 1000 short stories in magazines and radio in Serbo-Croatian, Hungarian, Slovenian, Macedonian, Slovak, Czech, Russian, French and English.

Rastislav Durman
Skultetyho 2
Kosice 04001